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Digestive Health Articles

Problems with Digestion? Processed Foods May Be to Blame...

Like many people, you may not be aware of the tremendous damage that this common type of food can launch on your digestive system and actually destroy cells. And not enough of just one nutrient...

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Feed Your Gut Microbes Well, Lest They Feed on You

14 Dec 2016 | 165,137 Views

This not only influences your genetic expression, but maintaining an unbalanced one may predispose you to a host of diseases such as Parkinson's, depression and multiple sclerosis. Don't ignore them just because they're tiny.

How to Heal Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Like Crohn’s Disease

10 Oct 2016 | 229,527 Views

Even if you haven't been officially diagnosed with any specific type of irritable bowel disease, any of these 6 red flags may be an indication that 'bad' bacteria have taken over too much of your gut's real estate. If that's true for you, zero in now on these 6 foods that help prevent and heal irritable bowel disease (IBD), Crohn's and ulcerative colitis.

Can Kidney Stone Removal Actually Be Fun?

08 Oct 2016 | 59,543 Views

Who knew that all it might take to shake loose a few kidney stones would be a quick trip to Disney World? That's what an enterprising urological surgeon discovered when he started comparing notes among his patients. Kidney stones can be debilitatingly painful, to your wallet as well as your body. Besides taking a trip to Disney, here are some ways to avoid them.

Can a Supplement Help Prevent Kidney Stones?

22 Aug 2016 | 69,382 Views

Kidney stones are an excruciatingly painful condition that occurs when calcium oxylate crystals get stuck in your urinary tract. For the last 30 years, one remedy has been potassium citrate, but its side effects often rivaled the kidney trouble. A new supplement, extracted from an Asian fruit, holds promise for dissolving and preventing kidney stones.

How Do You Know If You Have an Ulcer?

17 Aug 2016 | 50,135 Views

Peptic ulcers affect 15.9 million Americans every year. Although using antacids may give you temporary relief, these drugs may actually make the problem worse. Implementing these simple strategies may relieve your pain and solve the problem.

How Perfect Is Your Poop?

23 Jul 2016 | 93,835 Views

A new online tool helps analyze your stool using information you input about its shape, color, size and more. Once you learn if your stool needs improving, dietary changes are offered to improve your bowel health.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Starts in Your Gut

20 Jul 2016 | 81,197 Views

Recent research pinpoints biological markers in gut microbiome and blood of individuals suffering from chronic fatigue or myalgic encephalomyelitis. Healing and sealing a leaky gut may reduce symptoms. Eliminating these foods from your diet is part of the equation.

How to Prevent and Treat Kidney Problems With Food

15 Feb 2016 | 441,015 Views

And a dead giveaway you're overeating these 2 popular foods that place significant stress on your kidneys, which throws your red blood cells out of whack. Please listen to this red flag before it's too late.

Health Hazards of Low-Fiber Diets Linked to Its Influence on Microbiome

25 Jan 2016 | 261,717 Views

And once you've lost these valuable microbes, the only way to get them back may be via a fecal transplant. Eat more of these 9 foods to improve your gut health and help slash your risk of premature death from any cause, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

How Your Gut Microbiome Influences Your Mental and Physical Health

07 Jan 2016 | 348,157 Views

Just one food alone can reduce your cholesterol and triglyceride levels and significantly increase the levels of two powerful antioxidants in your body - glutathione and SOD. Bring these foods back to your daily eating to help take control over chronic disease and your weight.


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